As we are now living in a very fast paced environment and industry, where quality of work is more important than just quantity, hence we are demanded to move fast, think fast, get everything done in the quickest way.

Many business people are packed in deadly schedules everyday and they don’t find any chance to do simple things in doing their business or enjoying their personal life, simply because there’s a lot of things to do.

In this case, hiring a Virtual Assistant could be the best answer. A Virtual Assistant doesn’t have to be with you all the time, but at the right time. With the help of a Virtual Assistant, you will save your time in a very effective way!

What is VA?Hire Me


Have you ever been in a situation when your business and workplace stress threatens to overwhelm you, then you start to think to need some help? If you have, there is a simple and practical step you can take to regain control over the situation: Hire a Virtual Assistant!

While some workplace stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and performance—and impact your physical and emotional health. Often, your ability to deal with stress can mean the difference between success and failure at work.


When you handle all your routine affairs to your Virtual Assistant, you will feel an enormous burden off your shoulders. Why go through so much of tension when an easier solution is at hand? You will have more time and money to devote to your core business.

Unlike most other things in life, employing a Virtual Assistant gives you only benefits, benefits and more benefits!


A Virtual Assistant service is geared towards taking care of all your “I don’t want to do this” tasks and making you more productive. A Virtual Assistant can assist and support you with professional and specialised tasks such as data entry, in-depth research, handling reports and distribute presentation, book-keeping services, help-desk services, handling email correspondence, social media management and the list goes on.

Someone who can take care of all your day-to-day routine back-office work with secretarial expertise, while you could also manage your business plans and gives you access to allowing you to focus more on your business-critical needs.

A Virtual Assistant could also provide your personal plans as any lifestyle management task to be carried out via phone or internet on your behalf. Think wake up calls, making reservations, doing purchases or bill payments, thank you card, invitation distribution, speaking to a customer care executive or even help you to create a company gathering or family event!

Why don’t you start to hire one now?

Think of me as a regular assistant who is sitting in the next room. Anything that you would ask that assistant to do, I could probably handle. Except that the next room is in another country, so I can’t handle anything physical. I can’t get you your daily cup of coffee, but I might be able to get someone else to deliver it to you.


MY.VA.WORLD services offered include, but are not limited to :

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For every Entrepreneur who want to start new businesses, this option provide comprehensive assistance to assist you run the business smoothly. Complete services which can reduce your operating costs and also help you personally on a daily basis. I could provide additional business support in which you may require for your start-up company.  Read more…

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Your Personal Assistant and your right hand who you can rely on to performing your daily tasks. Having someone help manage the things you always forget could be the push you need to finally be more productive and make your daily routine more easier. A lifestyle which will provide you assistance to simplify everything.  Read more…

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The work is piling up with everyday meeting can hold you in performing administrative work. An option offer assistance in handling your paperwork and office document so you can concentrate more on your business and bring comfort to your life. Just send me your documents and I will take care the rest.  Read more…

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Assist you in taking care of your travels from start planning trips, timetable, hotels, rental cars, places to visit, where to eat, itinerary and other travel miscellaneous.  Read more…

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Help you to manage and grow your business effectively with Social Media, which is currently very important to establish brand awareness of your business.  Read more…

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Selection of marketing support services for your business which will make your enterprise be more popular, right on target and running in full function.  Read more…

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Assistance for you to straighten and perform control over your business, schedules, new project and other miscelanious work with reliable office management.  Read more…

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Need other option to support your business, daily routine or your esteemed company event? Yes, you can discuss it with me and we could collaborate the duties.  Read more…

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“love to work with you again soon, everything was excellent!” – dcrakes
Derek Crakes, Entrepreneur

Baru pertama kali memakai jasa VA dan sangat puas dengan hasil pekerjaannya. Saya sangat di bantu dan semua pekerjaan di lakukan sesuai dengan waktu dan kesepakatan. Very worth it! Thanks again.

Rahma Juliani, rahmani start-up business

I have been giving a task of private nature to Miss Mimi and she has done the work to my full satisfaction. All the relevant information was there and everything was nicely summarized with clear steps. She has not exceeded the time given and was acting very prompt. I can only recommend the offered services and will gladly make use of the VA services myself on the next occasion. Thank you again for the good work.
Best regards,
William Giger

William Giger,



10 USD

Hourly pre-paid packages for working small tasks to keep on top of a few things. Perfect for busy people looking some support in their personal life. Efficiently save your valuable time!

  • 3 Package Options
  • Free Consultation
  • No Contract Required
  • Monday – Friday
  • Business Hours Working
  • Valid for 1 Month
  • Daily Report
  • Email, Phone, Skype Support

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Need some work completed in your project? This is a great option providing assistance based on projects that goes beyond inbox & scheduling. Help you to manage your project running streamlined & completed on time!

  • Free Consultation
  • Contract Required
  • Monday – Saturday
  • Business Hours Working
  • 40 – 80 Hours a Month
  • Regular Reporting
  • Valid During Ongoing Contract
  • Email, Phone, Skype Support

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6 USD 

If you have consistent and ongoing work, this plan provides premium service for busiest clientele to support their daily routine and busy schedule with no hustle and more productive life!

  • Free Consultation
  • Contract Required
  • Monday – Saturday
  • Business Hours Working
  • 120 – 160 Hours a Month
  • Regular Reporting
  • Valid During Ongoing Contract
  • 1 Dedicated Direct Phone Number Under Client Behalf
  • Email & Skype Support

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